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Help Me Improve My Gig on Love Poetry

Hey, I write love poems, and would like any suggestions to help me improve my rating and gig in general.

The link to my gig is written below. Please spare a couple of minutes to go through it.


I took a look at your gig, and I have a question…

You say you write love poems, and you are asking people to hire you to write them. Where are the samples of your work? Where are the listed examples of what you have written? You have no examples to show what you can do, and you have no reviews to show that past buyers like what you can do. If you want people to hire you for writing services, it might be helpful to show some samples of what you can do.

Hey, thanks for taking time to look at my gig.

In terms of samples of my work, on the photos section of my gig, if you swipe sideways, you’ll see two samples of poem excerpts I’ve written. Is there any place I can include more samples of my work ?

In terms of reviews, I haven’t been able to make any sales, hence, I don’t have any reviews. Is there any other way I can get more reviews ?

Looking forward to more advice and help.

Yes, on your profile, scroll down a little and you will see a section called My Portfolio.
You can uploaded your samples there. (I do not know if you have that section or not, I do)
Edit:: not all sellers have this option, it depends on their Level, sorry for this wrong info.

You can only get a review after an order is completed and if the buyer decides to leave a feedback. There is no other way to get more reviews, so be careful, do not go buying fake reviews.

Hello, I’ve just checked my profile, however, I don’t have an option to update my portfolio. Can you attach screenshots or something of the sort ?

Thanks for all the help.

I’m so sorry, I just checked it’s not for all sellers.
However, when you create a gig, you can upload images and PDFs as well.

Good luck.


In the gig gallery section when you edit your gig, you can add 2 pdf files as well as 3 images. Lots of scope for putting samples in pdf files. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for all the help. I’ll get on to it.

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