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Help me improve my gig please!

Hello, i am not getting any orders and i just want to know what am i doing wrong please help me. This is my gig:
Please be honest. Thank you!


I’d take out the part of your gigs where you ask people to contact you on another site. You could get a warning for off-site contact.

Also make sure the gigs aren’t too similar. Maybe show more examples.


@uk100 is right. You mention another site at least 8 times within your profile description and two gig descriptions - you even give out your user name. This is the quickest way to receive an account warning on Fiverr or even be banned from the platform.

Some friendly advice, there is no point in you trying to improve your gigs until you sort this very basic point - remove all references to the other site. Once you’ve done this, then I’m sure others will be happy to offer constructive feedback on your gigs.

In the meantime, you should familiarise yourself with Fiverr’s terms of service: .