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Help me improve my gig


Would you mind reviewing my profile and gig to see what can be improved? I’m ok with the criticism. It is the only way I will grow. I’m confident in my abilities, just not in my marketing of my abilities :slight_smile:



Dear The:

What human being person name do you like to be called? Your customers want to know what to call you.

I took a quick look at your profile:

Your profile image: You have branded yourself as a child’s drawing. If you are not happy with the results, consider branding yourself as a person with a photo of you smiling.
Your log line: No suggestions.
Your profile text: Add the human being person name Buyers should call you.

All your gigs should have video, 3 images, 2 pdfs, and so on… You would be wise to show screenshots of your work rather than MS Paint clip art slapped on a dark background.

Make a video of yourself talking to the camera, because this approach garners IMMEDIATE RESULTS. Include additional samples in the video!

“I will create WEBSITE for you” should probably be “I will create a WEBSITE for you”.

You should invest in a copy writer to make your gig description more compelling.

Good luck,

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Be sure to make use of Tools like the Fiverr Blog, Fiverr Academy, and Fiverrcast.

If you take the time to earn your Autobiographer Badge, particularly adding a link to your Fiverr profile, other forum participants will be able to easily view your information.

As a general rule, when I have time to participate in the Fiverr Forum and I notice a request like yours in the “Improve My Gig” section, I am willing and able to look at a Seller’s Profile and one gig one time.

I can give you a better level of assistance if you first work your way through the checklist below. That way, I won’t waste your one turn by advising you to follow items on the checklist.