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Help me improve my Gigs!Much appreciated!

Hi i am new here and since its been a week without any orders,while waiting,i would like your opinions on my gigs!
I know that we may be competing with some of you,but still i think you can show some love for the newcomer :P.Speak freely,i won’t get offended!

Thanks for your time!
(Btw the ones that really interest me are 1.writing articles 2.translating


Personally I think it would be a good idea if you made a video for your review gig, and
have yourself read out some mock-up reviews of a product so the buyers can bet a more
clear idea what your reviews are going to be like.
Also I didn’t really understand what your “stand up” gig is about, maybe add more sample images or again create a clip of you explaining it, or create a slide show??

Thans for your reply!
About the review gig,you are spot on really!I havent thought about reading some reviews!

The stand up gig can be improved,although my target group would understand.Practically i offer ‘jokes’ for stand up comedians!