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Help me improve my gigs

Hi all,

I’m from the Netherlands and new on fiverr. Last week I created my first two gigs.

Are there people here who would like to help mee improve my gigs? How can I get my first sell?


You thread was moved to "Improve My Gig:. There you should be able to get great suggestions from Fiverr sellers. Best of luck ;).

Sell your services in facebook groups. Do not just sit waiting for traffic from fiverr. Traffic fiverr around 1 million in the amount of approximately 6 million users

Well, being on vacation doesn’t help you get potential clients seeing that you made this post yesterday.

I agree with the previous post about checking your vacation settings. It has you listed as On Vacation. Since it is hard to recover sales after going “on vacation” through fiverr I often lengthen my delivery time to accommodate my vacation so I won’t stop showing up in searches. Best of luck!