Help me improve my response rate


I answer every message within an hour. Yes. Even during sleeping hours, people normally get a response from within five minutes. Never missed a message. Just checked back every order for the past sixty days as well as my inbox.

Yet, according to the new Damn analytics thing, I am still performing worse than top sellers on my category on responding to messages. 3% worse, in fact.

Anybody got a gig that will turn me into a robot?


Well, I am an engineer, so during my spare time, I’ll do what I can do to create a duplicate robot of you.

So, what characteristics do you want the robot to have? :grinning:


This :robot::


Is that what Ryan wants or is that what you want?


At least twelve inch…arms.


You’re an engineer? You’re lucky you’re in the US, just today I wrote an article on how the Indian IT industry is struggling to deal with the changes in the IT business model because of cloud computing and automation, and how 50% of the 4 million strong IT workforce in India risk losing their jobs over the next 4 years. I am in Bangalore, in the middle of all of this, so I can tell you the picture isn’t pretty. But you guys in the US should be fine though.


12 inch arms - gotcha!

  • Long brown hair
  • Short brown hair
  • Different color

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  • Two 12 inch arms
  • Three 12 inch arms
  • Build 2 Ryan’s, each with 12" arms

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.[details=Summary] I have an engineering undergraduate degree, but I humbly admit I haven’t utilized my skills in quite a while. I don’t even use my graduate degree.

If I could start over, I’d get MBA.



You should simply contact Fiverr customer support. Hope they will adjust it


I need help with this too!