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Help me improve my sellings

Hello everyone!
I am a new seller on Fiverr and i created my very first gig here on Fiverr!!
I also took a test on Fiverr about translating from english to arabic and got 9.2 score. will it help me with my selling
and i was wondring!! how long it takes to get a first gig?

Please can you check my profile and help me improve it if there is anything missing!!

Thank you in advance

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Hi nawbett, I’m new too. 9.2 is a really good score. I visited your gig and I did see some grammatical errors in your gig description and your personal description, I personally don’t think that should matter so much since you’re not offering arabic to english but it could make people be taken aback. As for the getting your first order, I’m in the same boat as you, I still haven’t had any orders yet but I would say it depends on your visibility, so it’s important to share your gig. I don’t really have anywhere to share, I don’t know about you, we might have to rely on luck a bit. You were smart posting in here, that might get you some visits. As added advice that I have taken from other sources, try posting others gigs, like things related to translation, in case this one doesn’t shine, and then through your others gigs this one might get more attention. Good luck


Oh you are translating from arabic to english, my bad. Then definitely correct your grammar mistakes because you can’t make those kind of mistakes when translating, just friendly advice.

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@napstaa thank you so much for pointing out my mistakes… and I appreciate your advice!!

Good luck to you too!!

Im following this guide, I don’t know if you’ve seen.

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@napstaa thank you for sharing that guide, i’ll try to follow it
thanks again for your help