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Help Me Improve My Translation Gig

Hi !

I recently made a new Gig about translating.
However, I get almost no impressions, views, clicks, etc. Can you help me improve that ?

Also, if you have time, can you check my other gigs and tell me what to improve ?

Thank you so much for your time !


Hello nicolas_sc !

Here is some useful TIPS:

*** try to build a healthy gig**
*** daily send buyer request**
*** share your gigs on social media**

I hope you will reach your Goal soon. Thank you.


First, thank you for this tips !

Can you help me understand what does an healthy gig means exactly ?

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Healthy gig means Gig description must be clear and short. So that buyer can understand what services you provide for him.


This tip means nothing without context. What, exactly, is a “healthy gig”?

Buyer requests do not guarantee sales. Every seller who responds to a buyer request is competing with dozens of other sellers who also want to win that project. Sending daily buyer requests does nothing. Sending effective buyer requests would be a better tip. Since you seem wise in tips, how would you suggest the OP send an effective response to buyer requests?

This is also a complete waste of time, unless you are connected to your target customers on those social media sites. Most newbie sellers are only connected to their friends and family. Friends and family are NOT the OP’s customer base.

Please don’t post random, useless tips. If you want to help people with tips, please offer specific advice, not just copied platitudes from other newbie sellers.


Ok jonbaas. Thank you.

Is it really helpful

Personally I think it would be helpful if you post a screen shot of your actual work so people can actually see your skills, or, make a video of you talking in both languages.
That way people can clearly tell that you know both languages well.

I’m not saying this will boost your sales but it might help to a certain point :slight_smile:

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Wow, this is a really great idea ! I will do that right now, thank you !