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Help me improving my gig

Hi guys, in the past month my sales were really low and I don t know what I am doing wrong!
Can you help me please improve my gig appearance?Thanks!

I would try using different key words to see if that creates more traffic. :smiley:

I think your problem is in the “Non-exclusive commerial use” thing. Why anyone will pay upnto $20 to get a music with no commerial rights while they can get it for $5 with commercial rights elsewhere?

There are alot of sellers there my friend, when you become top rated seller with huge amount of sales then yes you can put these conditions. But you are starting so you need more buyers and more ratings :wink:


Your gig image is not attractive. Make it attractive and unique so people can click on your gig and send buyer request on daily biases. (Unique message). Not be in rush. Please do some patience. It will takes time.

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