Help me in fiverr


Please help me.Some days ago I have achieved level one but now I lost level but why? please help now what I can do.



You have lost your seller level either because you did not maintain the requirements to retain your Level 1 status, or, Fiverr intentionally demoted you because you broke site rules. I have no idea which one it would be… but, you can get a good idea by looking at your Analytics page.

Did you match all of the requirements to retain your seller level?


Thanks for your valuable suggestion


New algorithm to evaluate level seems quite harsh but I think it is a good challenge. I was demoted from level 2 to level 1; no complaints here because I think it is fair enough. This urges me to take some time to improve the business overall.
Next evaluation will be on 15th Feb so gotta look at the analytic page and improve your red marks.


You could also contact Fiverr support as they are helpful in letting you know you to improve your rating


if i improve my red marks. do I come back my level?



thanks for your complement


Yes, turn your red marks back to green and you’ll be promoted next evaluation.


my order completed percentage is 71% how can I increase it?Please help me.



By completing orders and avoiding cancellations.


now my order is not active all order I delivery just time but some order cancel. but which resion seen for percentage less. Please let me know.



Cancellations. Every time you cancel an order, the percentage of the delivered orders drops.


how can I overcome now.Please help me


Like catwriter said, "By completing orders and avoiding cancellations."
There is no NOW though. It will take some time.


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You lose the seller rating.
Because you have not met the standard approved by fiverr


because you broke site rules