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Help me in learning courses on Fiverr

Hope you are all safe.
I want to ask you that there are learning courses on Fiverr. What are their advantages?
Please give me a review as a seller. Is there a difference between before and after learning courses?
Hoping for your honest opinions.

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The advantage is that after watching their course, hoping you can sharpen your skills and improve on your quality of works

And after you finished , you will get a relevant badge on your fiverr profile showing that you have attend and pass the course

It’s just a course and won’t help you greatly in getting a work. Unless you deliver a better quality :slight_smile:

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Do buyers prioritize sellers with more courses learnt?

I doubt so, because Most likely that buyers don’t even realised that fiverr have courses. They just coming here to hire ppl

You don’t take a course as a short cut to find more buyers. Just like in the real world, you take a course to learn something to further your knowledge.