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Help me my gig denied

anyone tell me about gig denied. i was updated my gig than my gig is denied that time i have 2 orders 1 delivery but not accepted from client and 2nd in progress. whats the future of my gig and order???

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It happened to me before when i updated a video.
Contact CS they will solve the problem, unless you violate the TOS.

Good luck

and order’s future???

Contact CS, hopefully they will give you an answer within 24 hours.

Yesterday I got gig modification massage first I can not understand unfortunately I can’t do modifi this and click save options, so the gig going to under review without modified then my gig is denied. Now what can I bo for back my gig .please help me

Contact CS. We can’t do anything here.

What was your gig? We need more information.

my gig title is do remove any unnecessary object, add logo water mark image