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Help me: "Not rated yet"

Hello everyone! I’m new here and a few days ago I created my first gig.

The problem is that the gig is active but it does not appear in the search even if I limit the choice to the only Italians in my category.

On the phone app on my concert it says “not yet rated”.

Can someone help me?

Thank you so much!!


When a new gig is created, it takes time for it to appear when searching. This is all normal, just need to wait.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot nicatshah.
But why is it still written “not rated yet?”
I also get this message:
“We’re currently experiencing a problem preventing you from seeing your Gigs’ impressions, clicks, and views. No worries, your Gigs are active, and we’re working to fix the problem asap.”

It’s all right.Check this link

Because you didn’t have orders on which buyers would leave their rating after completing it.

this mean You don’t have any review yet! when You complete order and buyer give you review this will remove. and this normal. I hope you under stand.

thank you mariashtelle1!

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thank you bilawal_12597!

so is it normal that it doesn’t even appear in a specific subcategory where there are only 6 sellers?
graphic & design - industrial & product design -3D Modeling & Rendering - live in Italy?

I think you just need to wait as it takes some time to appear on search bar for new gigs.

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First: No its not normal. I just use word “Normal” for the “Not rated yet”

Second I just check your with same to add your filter your gig is there in the third page all the gig with filter show 169.


When I search “3d product modeling” in a search results. I use the filter Italy your gig on the first row of first page.

Your gig is live.

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Thanks, you gave me good news!
I am very happy that others see it, but I don’t know why I still don’t see it

This also happened with once of my gig!

BTW as a new seller, I suggest you create the latest 5 gigs. Maybe your one gig got ranking. and as a new seller, You must 10 bids on buyer request. which will help you get orders. and also share your gig on social media groups like Facebook. there are lots of groups and pages for sharing the Fiverr gigs.

Hope this will help you!

Thank you very much for your time!

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