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HELP me optimize my GIG!

It has been a month since I have started fiverr, I personally feel like my gigs are alright and I can do good but I am not getting any orders?
Can you share some tips or help me optimize my gig?
I will brilliantly edit your videos (GIG)

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Hi there!

First of all, make several gigs for different services. For example, one gig for explainer videos. Another for cinematic videos. A third for editing and improving clips. And so on, based upon your expertise.

Once the niche is chosen, select the most relevant keywords. Right now you’re targetting both vlogs and cinematic videos in one gig. Now, since you’re targetting one field per gig, select keywords ONLY that are relevant. Go check around 15-20 competitors of yours and list down all their keywords and rate them according to their relevancy to your specific gigs.

Once you’ve done this, rate them according to whether they will be even searched or not. For example, I’ll give a small but very significant fact. You chose ‘video editing’. Yes, this keyword is VERY relevant to your gig, but will a person even search gigs using that phrase? No! He will write ‘video editor’ or ‘edit videos’ instead, in the search bar. I hope you get what I mean.

Next, see the competition in your niche. You have chosen keywords with 30,000+ competitors. Do you really think that when sellers have thousands of 5* reviews, will buyers go down the last page of the search results to buy yours? No, they will look for the gigs on the top page. So choose those keywords which have around 500-2500 competitors mainly, from the list that you have.

Congratulations! Now you have the top 5 keywords anyone can ever have in your field! What do we have to do with them? Make chatni for your samosas :slight_smile:

Na, just kidding. Use those 5 keywords as your search tags. Try to add 2-3 of those search tags into your title. And repeat all your search tags in your description around 2-3 times EACH. Repetition is very important here. Remember one thing, don’t sacrifice the smooth flow of text while repeating them. Sprinkle them in naturally. Your descriptions need to be engaging and converting as well. You will lose your potential customers if you do that.

Well, this is it! The recipe towards a good rank in Fiverr search engines.

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In your basic gig there’s an option for 0 days delivery. If that’s set up incorrectly then I’d change that.
Also some of the things listed in your second gig image as things you offer aren’t listed in the gig description. It might help if they were, including in searches.