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Help Me Out - Graphic Designers and Video Editors


I am into the market and looking for a great laptop for graphic designing and some video editing. I really have a budget of $700 - $800 but I dont mind if you recommend something worth $1000. Thanks


You only need to focus on 2 things then, besides an i5 processor or better.

Dedicated graphics card:
Nvidia 900mx series or higher

8gb is good, 16gb is better for video encoding.

Acer always has the best price in this. Saying because my new laptop’s an acer with i5 8gb and NVIDIA 940mx (2gb) with a ssd. at $600.


Thank you very much. What kind of high-end programs do you run on this Laptop.


I don’t.

I think the only resource consuming program I run is the Adobe Suite.

I don’t even game, but got it at a good price. My main focus was the Nvidia graphics.


Okay. The price is definitely Good. I am just looking for something that can stand the test of time - maybe two - three years. I will be running programs like Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Suite, Corel Draw, Photo Shop and some low end video editing video softwares


Well, ALL my laptops have been Acer for the past 15 years almost. So definitely biased here.

But something that stands the test of time, would completely depend on how you treat your laptop.

Since everything is compact in a laptop, always ensure there’s plenty of ventilation around the exhaust ports. Also utilize laptop coolers especially when running your softwares, since the the internal temp of your unit goes up the moment you are running everything on full power.

I currently have a laptop cooler running and also running a small desktop pc fan running vertically next to the laptop’s exhaust when im running my softwares.

I use my laptop as my workstation so i don’t move it around, so fixed a fan right next to the exhaust vent to give it extra cooling effect, as it helps suck out all the extra heat and drops the working temp by few degrees (i check using hw monitor software).

Also over time, dust will gather on those internal exhaust fan components, so you would need to blow them out with either compressed air or use a vacuum cleaner.


Thanks again for this tip. The Laptop market is pretty dynamic these days. Wish I can get a concrete view from someone who actually runs these softwares I am about to study


Which software are those?

As i said I run adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop.

If you run Aftereffects or Adobe Premier, you may want to consider the specs I mentioned above.

Just get any laptop with a decent amount of RAM and a DEDICATED graphics card and you will be fine to run any software.

Oh try get an i5 or i7.


Thank you very much. Do you run all these softwares simultaneously?


Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver has been run in parallel.


Can you check this out and let me know your thoughts

Thanks so much for the time you are taking to talk to me


The link’s not working, can you link me the product directly?


opps! let me get a new link



One more thing. Will you prefer a core i5 to cut cost or just go for a core i7 being that both are 7th generation processors


Wow, THAT is a VERY powerful unit.

Especially with the i7 and the SSD hard disk.


It is MORE than enough for your needs.


Thank you very much. What about the last question I asked. I am just searching for a way to cut cost now that I know my limit. You know, a dollar saved is a dollar earned


Look at the price difference. between an i5 and i7.

If it is $30-40 then get i7, if it is greater than $100, i5 is good enough.

7th gen processor is the current latest. I have the 7th gen i5.

You will need i7 if you are running like autocad, 3d video creation softwares, like if you need a serious workstation. Your software requirements are not those, so i5 will work for you.


Thanks once again, I think I will go for the i7 7th gen. just to leave room for these complex upgrades


If you plan to buy a laptop like the one above, you won’t need upgrades for at least the next 2-3 years. :slight_smile:

and Good Luck. :thumbsup: