Help me out. I'm new here


Hello to my bosses on the forum.

I’m new on this platform. I was motivated to join after seeing some of my friends making it on here. I discovered that I have sellable skills too which I can offer to the world.

Please, how do I make my first sales? I was told buyer’s request will help but I have not been seeing anything in buyer’s request. Everyday, what I see is “no request found.”

Please, help check my profile and gigs. Am I doing something wrong? What should I improve?




Well, actually, we aren’t your bosses. We are just fellow buyers/sellers just like you. We are all freelancers, and in the freelance world, YOU are actually your own boss. :wink:

Have you tried marketing and promoting your gigs to the people who need them? Those people who need your services are out in the world, or elsewhere online. Have you done anything to reach out to them and tell them about what you do?


Hmmnnnn. Well, I have not done much promotion on social media. I will start doing that. Thanks.


One thing I suggest: I agree with jonbaas that we are not your bosses. Technically, your clients would not be your bosses either. I know that calling someone boss can be a sign of respect for some people, but on Fiverr it is not really the norm. I wouldn’t refer to your clients as boss. Some might just dislike it and others might like it but take advantage of you.


Okay. I will improve on that. Thanks for letting me know how things are done here.