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Help me out in getting first few orders, Gigs look awesome to me, still no buyer..what to do?


hello achievers,

i joined 3 days back, got inspired by likes of @Rajahbaib and dreamt of becoming level 2 player in just 2/3 months.

As of now i can’t see even a single buyer for me, forcing me to restrategize my journey here.

request all achievers to please once have a look in my gigs and provide some pointers to make it salable.

how can i get first 20 orders ?

My gigs :


I’ll give you a bit of a heads up.

You have a proofreading gig, but your bio is sorely in need of proofreading. Moreover, the first line in your gig—Are you aware of the fact that 92% of people will instantly stop reading your article when they see a spelling or grammar mistake in your article?—has proofreading errors. For example, you need to spell out the word percent instead of using the % sign.

Stick to gigs that you’re 100 percent positive that you can complete without error.


thank you so much @levinewman for your help.

I will do the rectification right away.



Although I understand why you ask, one of my suggestions is to hope for many orders but being so new, focus on doing a fantastic job on one order at a time. While there is nothing wrong with thinking big, there is a lot of competition on Fiverr. Still, some sellers do an “OK” job (or less) and eventually they fizzle out. If you can put your mind to polishing your gig descriptions and images and then when you get orders putting out fantastic work, the numbers will grow from there.

I agree with @levinewman and I think after corrections you may want to market yourself on social media. If you have some other skills to market you may want to create some gigs in other categories as well. Proofing/editing is a tough job. If you don’t have other skills, you could get some e-books or read blogs/forums and learn some new skills. Good luck!

Maddie “FontHaunt”


You have to be patience and don’t give up. I got my first order after 1 month. but within 3 week i have completed more than 20 orders. So don’t worry. you will get a order very soon. And apply for buyer’s requested daily. Here is the link…




be patient my friend, first few sales are always difficult.


Reply to @fonthaunt:

Thanks for your suggestion.

I loved this one - "If you can put your mind to polishing your gig descriptions and images and then when you get orders putting out fantastic work, the numbers will grow from there ".

i’m looking forward for my first order that will trigger flood of orders for me.


Reply to @chandanonrise:

Don’t hope for a flood of orders, you’ll probably be disappointed. Instead, promote your gigs elsewhere online, fine-tune everything about your gig, and focus your professionalism on whatever orders do come your way. None of us are guaranteed any orders by working here on Fiverr. Your success is entirely up to you. Put your best product out there, and go from there.


you happen to be in a very competitive niche- articles. try and join a gig review exchange site, i know this might sound funny but you can visit the buyer request section and see if you can do a free!! job for a couple of clients… they might be impressed and go ahead and make an order and get you your first positive feedback -from there things will begin to change.