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Help me out of this


by mistake i am sending website login detail to my client .and now my message turn into flagged mark.
now what do i do for this.
its affect on my profile or gig? let me know about this.


I don’t know how you can send website login detail to someone ‘by mistake’. If you mean your mistake was thinking you could get away with it, then yes, that was a mistake.

If it’s in the messaging system and not in the order, then you may get a warning or suspension. If it’s in an order and it’s necessary for the completion of the order, then you will be okay, but it must be in an order.


i guess its deep link
read the article about it


Yes its my mistake and i fell very bad for this .
Actually in the same time im goona chat two or three buyers. So its happen. @capitalquality


Could you send me link of this article.@untitledartwork


@capitalquality suspension mean account suspension. Ohh no. Can i contact cs on this confusion to resolve it.


its in the community guidelines
somewhere i dont remember
dont ever do that again
so you know certain websites can copy ur browser script hooks and could be used for illegal peropose
be careful
always update ut browser security to ur need
the best way is ubantu desktop
i use it and its great


There’s no harm in contacting CS and saying you made a mistake and you won’t do it again. you’ll probably just get a warning first time.


@untitledartwork thanks for your tip.
No no i dont do it again. If you understand urdu iam gonna say. *****************
Tell me about ubantu desktop.

Mod Note: Use English or offer accompanying translation, please.


@capitalquality .thank for your help.


@sonyak95 and @untitledartwork,

You two should PM each other on the forum if you are going to continue in foreign language. Do you know how to use PM?

It’s okay to write in any language you want, but you must translate it into English, right below, if you want to post in the public forum.


Thank selina. No its, not a big project.


@gina_riley2, ok gina dnt get angry with us, actually we feel comfotable to each other with our own language, we discuss about how to solved my problem on this public forum we will not diacuss our personal matters, so why we are send each others pm.
If you have any suggestions about this post topic then post it.

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@sonyak95 and @untitledartwork,

OH my! Did I come off as being angry? I wasn’t in the slightest bit upset at all.

What I was stating was just forum etiquette, it may even be a rule. Maybe I should have used more Emoji!


Ok dear dont be upset ,i like your emoji
Ok any suggestion about my topic then post it. :smile::sweat_smile::heart_eyes::wink::blush:


seriously i am new here i dont even know how to use that @gina_riley2
really thank you


On this forum,

  1. Click on your username
  2. On right side, you will see an envelope, click that
  3. Click new message
  4. Find the person’s username

I am on my smartphone, so I can’t do screen capture.

@offlinehelpers or @capitalquality?


Spot on Gina! (20 chars)


Can you do screen capture for them?


Or alternatively, if you see the name of the person you want to message in the thread, just click their name and the ‘Message’ button on the pop-up.