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Help me out please?!

Hey , Me and my seller both agreed to cancel my order due to some things that were off, I know money doesn’t go right back into bank account it’s supposed to go into my Fiverr account but mines has yet to come, how long does it usually take? Thanks ahead of time for answering


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Check this out:

The OP is a buyer not a seller.

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I’m the buyer , and me and the seller both agreed to cancel , where does my money go from there ?

When I canceled my order, my money was on Fiverr account in a few minutes after the order was canceled

The money will be refunded back to you!

I would suggest looking at the link that @lloydsolutions provided for you!

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Refunded where though ? It’s been 2 hours and I still don’t have anything

This may have been affected by the holidays time. If you will not get it until tomorrow, just contact CS team

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