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Help me out to get order

i don’t know why but clicks on my this gig is increasing but still not an single order on this please help m check this weather i put wrong description or irrelevant pricing or i need to change photos. please pay visit and tell me


Here are some tips I recommend:


Hi @rites001 ,
I m checking your profile. We could say that you have good description. For Main image on GIG, i think that you need to make something more relevant for your GIG. Try with person with colorful background and move it to some different background. When you have one color in back, we all now that is much easier for removal or change :slight_smile:
Then, try with video presentation of your GIG. Make some short presentation of your work.

Then, you can collect more visitors with right SEO. Use 2 words as keyword for GIG. For example - background removal. And then you need to repeat that words on few place - Title, Description, tags, Package, etc

there is a lot other small things, but try with those and i think that you will have more sells. Just work and improve your profile and buyer will come :slight_smile:


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i purchased that stock images so i own full rights on it and one image is one of my previous customers and i also took permission from them why i am posting again because of some sill people copy pasting same stuff which of no use. i want someone to review not advise …

To review is to advise. If you don’t want an advise then you also don’t want anyone to really review your gig. If you were waiting for people to write how great your gig then unfortunately it is not.

Purchased stock or not you are not allowed to use in graphic design which you are offering. As per fiverr TOS you are supposed to use only original content created by yourself and not stock photos.
Because it can get in a big trouble everyone who will use your service, they will upload this pictures on fiverr and will be immediately banned for copyright infringement.

If you google it, at least 10 other people using this image on fiverr. And oh, completely forgot to mention that you left “cropped” lines from other background on the side of that image so please don’t lie that you created that image.

We did point out what you are doing wrong but it looks like you just want to ignore it.
Edit: I see you admitted it on other topic so I really hope that next you’ll be creating only original work without putting any of your future clients at risk.


its not crop lines its because i need to increase its size in paint to upload it on fievrr and i’m new to fiverr i don’t now about their copy rules and to review and to advise is different review are things that lacks in you and you can change that and advise is that many people copy paste it here long articles which make no sense.

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thanku so much for tips

You agreed to all of the Fiverr rules when you made your account as you accepted Fiverr TOS


its like reading 4000 page agreement while creating instagram account and in rules they never mentioned evergreening which is totally different from copying

It is not hard to read whole Fiverr TOS and understand everything.

@rites001 as many forum members have pointed out, it is very important to read the rules of fiverr (the TOS) and ensure you follow them.

If you use images that are subject to copyright, you can get your gigs removed at any moment without warning and your account banned.

I am going to close this thread now, as you have lots of great advice here and you’ve opened several other threads about the same thing already.