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Help me pick a title for my Gig !


Hi !

I want to put a new Gig on the market. It would be a gig where I offer buyers to get “systems” for their websites. It may be the wrong word, but a system is like a module. So a blog is a system that the buyer could buy for their website. He could pay a higher price to get a forum, etc.

These systems would all be basically the same. (so if a buyer asks for a blog, I would have a premade one I would give to him, but I would offer to personalize it for the same price).

I know how everything would work, but I only want to know : what name should I give to my gig.

Is there a better name than “system” or “module” for what I am describing ?

Thank you for your help !


If you do an internet search you will find alternatives for any word. This may help you.


Let’s say I keep the word “module”. How should I put the title ?

Something like : “I will create a module for your website” and maybe describe the exact definition of a module in the description ?


Drupal calls “module” what WordPress calls “plugin”. The problem is that the implementation is completely different, and normally you don’t find someone that builds “modules for websites” in abstract. The starting point of the user is a certain CMS or web framework.
I see the GUI of a disk usage analyzer in your profile picture, maybe I spend too much time on the PC.


I understand what you mean. I really don’t know if this Gig will work. I will probably put it and if people are interested, well I will have orders. I don’t expect it to get big.

About my profile picture, I really don’t know what this is. It comes from a logo I ordered on Fiverr and it doesn’t have anything special. Maybe a disk usage analyzer was the inspiration for the designer :smile:


Probably! (Google “baobab ubuntu” :robot:)