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How to cancel an order ?


are you in treble ? how can i help you


I sent an order to a seller and I modified the REVIEWS but I could not, so I say I have to cancel the order and return it


Sorry to say, but I can`t get what you are trying to say.

  1. You are the buyer in this case, Right?
  2. You had completed the order with a review and you want to modify it now, Right?


yes i want to modify it now


You can’t modify the review unless the seller makes a Feedback changing dispute. If you had given a bad review and want to change it to a good one, I am sure the seller will happily open a dispute for you. But, if you had given a good one and want to change it to a bad one, I don’t think there is much you can do for now expect contacting Customer Support.


And how can I cancel the order?


Why would you cancel a completed order that you have reviewed? That makes no sense.


I sent an order to a seller, but he scammed me, and I want to cancel now order


Probably customer support can help.


I sympathize with you. These are the kind of people that give us, sellers, a bad name. Kindly contact customer support HERE. Am sure they will help you get justice. Goodluck!


You can contact Customer Support as advised, but honestly I don’t know if they can help. The time to cancel is before you leave a review. It would be helpful to understand how you got scammed after the gigs was delivered and over. I’d be curious to know how it works out, so feel free to come back and share.