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Help me please Buyer request not show in my panel

My buyer request is not shown in my buyer request panel but why i don’t know.Anybody here to help me?

Are you saying that the request you posted isn’t coming up on Buyers Request? Or are you saying there are no requests on BR coming up? <-- Just empty?

Buyer request empty.i mean my buyer request is empty some time show one or two buyer request .

That doesn’t sound or look good :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Maybe try contact CS. They might help solve your problem.

Ok, thank you for your response.But how I can contact CS?:neutral_face::neutral_face:
and help me how to comes selling in fiverr

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Same here too. I’m just confused.

Search up on google ‘fiverr contact support’. It should be the first thing that comes up.


Or you can use the link @negiservice just sent and click ‘submit request’


refresh you page or ask buyer send files in zip foldar