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Help me please by checking my profile

how can i improved my gig?

what should i do for my lowest view

my profile link:


what happen i do not know about it

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marketing your gigs on social network platform and try to reach possible buyers.


can you tell me about the specific social network and tricks to reach?


No, this is total nonsense. I don’t know why this rather useless advice is regurgitated over and over.

Advertizing your gigs on social media is only acceptable if:

  • You offer special deals for a limited time
  • You want to share a special gig you are very proud of (maybe like a huge or very difficult order)
  • You collaborated with someone else

Maybe I’m forgetting 1 or 2 points, but you DO NOT want to spam your social media with your gigs. This includes adding a new gig (unless it’s a limited time offer or something totally new that you have never done before).

You can engage with customers on social media platforms in a professional relationship type of way, that is totally acceptable and actually common practice. But do so with moderation. No one wants to read about how you gained 2 new customers, how much time you spent on a gig, or how you love kittens.

Only share what’s actually important. Anything else is just unwanted bloat and can actually drive people away.


thanks a lot, i like your response

got it what you said. what amazing suggetion for me

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i have read. you wrote a good message for all seller

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Oh, thank you! :innocent:

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most welcome. You are requested to check my fiverr profile

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I did. That’s also why I commented. I don’t like seeing talent go to waste.