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Help me please guys. I need advice about a hard to please buyer

Please advise what I should do. I had an order to come up with 10 ideas for business names in 7 days. My customer explained her business to me but didn’t give specific ideas about what she wanted or didn’t want. I brainstormed up several names and ran those by here… she didn’t like any of them. I brainstormed some more - she didn’t like any of those either. Over the course of the week I have gotten numerous messages from her wanting to know if I’m working on it or if I’ve come up with anything else. Last night, I compiled all the names I had previously sent her and also sent 10 more new names as the final delivery.

This morning she rejected the order, requested modification and verbally scolded for not completing the gig. She also stated that I should have been finished in 3 days, not 7. I have actually spent more than 4 hours total on the gig. This is the letter I’m planning to send.

"I’m sorry you are disappointed. Please recheck the gig, because it was 7 days for 10 names, otherwise Fiverr would have sent an alert. My service is actually an aid to help you come up with a name and I cannot guarantee that you will fall in love with any of my ideas. At this point, I have come up with over 50 names for just $5. As you know, time is an important commodity and I have already spent well over 4 hours on this gig. I feel that I have gone above and beyond and again, I’m truly sorry that none of the names were a perfect match. If you are truly unhappy, we can cancel the order, but please realize you will not be able to use any of the names I have suggested…"

My question is, at this point should, should I file to mutually cancel? I have a feeling she isn’t going to accept that though. The names I provided her were very good, solid names based on her niche and honestly, I think she’s expecting too much.

Nice letter but once a buyer has their mind set you are not going to sway them to your side.

If she used the modification button than count your blessings. Why? You can request mutual cancellation and move on without her giving you a rating. If she would of not used the modification button she could rate your work and my bet is she would give you a low rating.

Time to cut your loses and move on.

Thank you for responding. That was actually what I had in mind but I was wondering, if (more like when) she declines the mutual cancellation, is there a way to override that and cancel it myself?

Thanks again!

You can force a cancellation but I would not recommend it because the cancellation will be a black mark on your profile.

Send her a note and tell her “I tried my best to meet your needs, but I can’t. Obviously you don’t want to spend your money or time if you are not satisfied with my work. Our only option is to cancel the gig. This way you will get your money back and you can find someone that can meet your requirements.”

This buyer is totally out of line and feel free to inform her that you have done more than most sellers would have (speaking of myself). Request the mutual cancellation and you may be forced to do so several times before the cancellation goes through. It may end up being a non mutual one unfortunately. These can count against you if it happens too often but if you only have one on your record at this point you should be fine.

I think your letter sounds professional and is a mature response. Clearly the buyer is neither professional or mature and you can’t fix that. Just keep requesting a cancellation until it happens.

Thanks so much for the advice. She finally accepted the mutual cancellation. I sent her a nice note but I so wanted to say "Hey, I have a great idea for your business, free of charge: “Crazy Lady Creations!!” " But I held back and remained calm and professional. She might have liked that name idea though. Haha!

I have a similar gig to you, so let me offer you some advice.

  1. Accept only one revision. Buyers who want more than that are just exploiting you.

  2. If they paid $5 for 10, deliver 10, or 20 if you’re feeling really inspired and names are flowing like crazy and you feel like over delivering. But to give a $5 buyer 50 names is insane. You’re killing yourself for $5, that’s unacceptable.

  3. You should cancel if you want to avoid a bad review, however, if you want to keep the $5 and she gives you a bad review, let everyone know you wrote 50 names for her. Personally, I would just cancel. My branding gig has 55 reviews and only 3 negatives, yet I hate not being at 100%.
enormousstyle said: but didn't give specific ideas about what she wanted or didn't want

This was a major miss step on your part - you need to be sure the buyer provides details on what want and don't want. Request they avoid the use of adjectives and be very detailed in their communication regarding what they are looking for. Let them know you don't make assumptions and to ensure they get what they expected to be delivered is very important. I've even had to go so far to reminding some of my buyers I can't read minds.

With that said, I agree with
fastcopywriter said: fastcopywriter

Your message to the buyer was very good and if they verbally scolded you (being rude, name calling, making nasty remarks about the work, etc.) please report them to Customer Service. There is no reason any buyer should scold you - not only is it uncalled for but it's very unprofessional. That type of behavior is a violation of Fiverr's Terms of Service.

Sorry this has happened! I know sometimes buyers can be so frustrating…especially when we put more time and effort than we normally would have just to make them happy (and also for that 5 star review). I agree with everything said above, just mutually cancel and move on. But most of all, and this is my advice, don’t dwell on it. The more you think about it, the angrier you’ll get and it’s just not worth it :slight_smile:

Wishing you the best of luck from here on out. And nicer buyers as well :slight_smile: