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Help me please i have one Big problem

Hello Fiverr friends

today i get 1 client message he give me 50$ for website design bet he don’t give me order he teal me before complete hes site he don’t give me order. another information hes location in USA but he stay in different country 1 Fault he is a liar

when i complete then he teal 5$ for full site and he give hes whats app number and facebook id 2 Fault

and he said he is ********** now i remove all works in website
and he complain fiverr
now what can i do?

please help me please

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.

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So hard to understand


Never ever do work before an order is accepted.

Talk to CS - they probably can’t help, but it’s worth talking to them anyway


now i face any problem in my account from fiverr?

I don’t know. Talk to CS

It’s quite difficult to understand your initial question.
Can you rephrase it? What did you do?


Considering that you damaged their website

yes, you might have some problems. Or, perhaps, not, because there was no order in place.


Better contact with CS

Ok. Explaining what?

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It seems the OP was promised $50 for a web design but delivered it before the buyer had accepted any offer. Then the buyer ordered from one of her $5 gigs … or thereabouts …

when I complete then he teal 5$ for full site

She got the order for $50, but when she completed the Job for his buyer,Now buyer ask to pay may be $5 for full site …

Her website creation Gig starts from $50.
Waiting patiently for a coherent explanation from her side.
A Level 1 seller, one year on the platform; profile says “fluent in English”. I think that she should know the process of handling orders in Fiverr and that she should be able to explain herself.


Working on the project without an order is a mistake, Well deleting website data is not only a mistake, it’s a Crime. That website is his property, no matter what you can’t delete or do any intentional harm to his website. If you have any way to restore the previous state better you restore it. It’s a serious issue now, no idea what action Fiverr CS do, hopefully, you learned some lesson. I can wish good luck to you only.


just i delete my works nothing else

Those works were in his server, that makes it’s his property. If you have any claim you needed to approach with a different procedure. Removing website files without the owner’s concern is a big mistake and makes you a criminal, sorry.


I think she means that she added some changes on his website and after he refused to pay she just removed her changes and returned it to the original state.

If it’s so then in theory she wouldn’t be panalised, there was no order and client didn’t loose anything he got his website as it was without changes that he didn’t pay for.
(If that’s indeed what it seems to be)

But anyway @aishi168 you should never do any work before order is placed and you should read fiverr TOS to keep yourself out of the trouble


If you check the post edit history, she mentioned that she had removed all website data . :frowning:

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Why did you do the work if there was no order in place?

You’re asking the wrong person.