Help me please.My gig is not sell


I am a graphics designer .I can make all kind of work .But why my gig is not sell.
Can anyone help me please.


Give buyer request every day.
Add proper gig tags.
Keep patience. Best of luck.


There is a lot that needs fixing. Let’s start with your profile. Over 60% of Fiverr buyers are from the UK and her former colonies. So your English must be flawless. Just copy-paste this:

“If you’re not 100% satisfied with my Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/Indesign work - but believe me you will be - then I will cheerfully refund your order. When you see how I am able to transform your images EXACTLY the way you want, you’ll make me your go-to guy for graphics work, I promise you. -Joysef”

It’s short, I know, but that’s good.

Change your gig titles to:

I will remove the background from any photo
I will convert your image into vector
I will color correct or colorize any image
I will do clipping path in Photoshop
I will blast out a beautiful logo in 24 hours
I will design simple elegant business cards

You have no catch phrase. Try “Simple. Beautiful. Fast.”

I am not proofing all the gig descriptions, but who is BATIN?

Best of success to you. You seem to have some real talent. Let’s put a little polish on it and get you some sales.


You have the possessive “your”. For it to be flawless, it just need to be “you’re” for “you are”. I hope that doesn’t come across wrong, just trying to help. We all have typos here and there :slight_smile:


Truly I am the worst native-English speaking on earth to try to help proofread anything. Thank you for keeping me from steering the OP wrong. :slight_smile: