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HELP ME PLEASE! My Gigs are going down :(


Someone please help me. All my gigs Impressions, clicks, and views are gone to 0 now. More than 2 months now and I don’t get orders from new buyers. Although my Reviews, Response rate are 100 percent but still my gigs are down and down. I contacted Fiverr team to help me but they didn’t do any help. Really disappointed now because Fiverr has failed to promote the Level 1 and Level 2 sellers. They say in the page : that Level 1 and Level 2 sellers get MORE TRAFFIC than the New Sellers but I SWEAR THIS IS ALL FAKE and FALSE! :sweat: :cry::cry: See the attachment of my gig’s analysis:


Since after the last few maintenance, the analytics in the my gigs page is not appearing correctly. So, even if they show 0s in every value and have downward pointing arrows you could be actually doing normal.

Another reason for this could be the Christmas and the New Year; people try to save money during these for vacations and for gifts. Therefore they don’t buy as the usually do.


Thanks for the Response @taverr . Its happening to me after getting level 2 badge. Almost two or three months now, I don’t get orders from new people. I made changes to the gigs but still seems like it doesn’t work anymore.


One personal tip from me is not to edit your gigs without a month or two gap and just turn the portfolio on and off for a surprise. (Oh, I shared one of my secrets)


Hahaha! Thanks for sharing the secret. But what does that mean? Turning Portfolio on and off


Hi, yes I too noticed that my gigs are not getting enough views like they were used to be. May be it is due to huge competition, but not sure. I am working at improving my profile and hope to get more views this way. Good Luck!


Dont pay too much attention on number of clicks and views.
I got order several days ago and one day after saw that I didnt have any clicks on the day when I got order so that is probably not working as it should be.

I am a math teacher and unfortunately dont have any order on my math gig. But on other gigs I earned over 1500$ in last two months. So never give up and keep advertising your gig.

Best of luck with your gig :slight_smile:


@binnys18303 It is better to keep the Response rate and other ratings 95%+ because it really effects your orders. In my case, everything is good but still I don’t know why this is happening, I’m not getting new messages and orders.


@marinkovickg WOW!! THIS IS TOO MUCH. I only earn $100 hardly in a month. Unfortunately. What could be the best source for advertising gigs? I use facebook but that doesn’t work for me.


Hi there,
Facebook and Twitter, but I think that Facebook is most important for my success. I am a member of over 4000 Facebook groups so there is a big audience who see my advertise. I already got several regular customers who order again & again :slight_smile:


Thanks @marinkovickg !! Can you please add me to those groups? I will really appreciate it.


Never give up and keep learning mate. Although I am a math teacher I am now learning to create professional videos so one day I will have this gig too. I am in touch with my regular customers daily on Facebook and always over deliver their orders :slight_smile:


Thank you for motivation @marinkovickg