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Help Me Please (Order Placed and then he want to cancel)

The buyer orderd me for 5 dollars and when I ask for requirements and he says I order you accidentally. Now He’s cancelling order without any reason. Please help me and remove this order with affecting my profile.

Your buyer’s name is still visible.

My guess judging by their profile’s age and location: a malicious attempt at your gig’s stats. (if it was placed on your best selling one)

Nothing you can do but either accept the mutual cancellation, or reject it and start your own stating the reason as “buyer ordered by accident”


I contacted fiverr help and support and tell him that please remove or cancel the order without effecting my prof.
Is it possible?
Actually buyer is a scammer i think so…

I don’t think it’s possible to be honest.

Actually I just shared my gig link to my social media account and then I got order in next min. I think he order me from there.

ok so one of your followers did order by accident.

At least you can now see that there’s a difference between sharing my gig to my friends on FB and actually marketing my gigs to my true audience using SM.

No It was shared in public group.

He’s saying I’ll give you positive rating If you will send me money instead of it

So he’s a blackmailer. Report it to support and ask them to cancel for you without it affecting your stats.


The order is cancelled and I’ll effect my profile

Yes, this clearly was a stupid stunt from someone. God know which group the OP chose to post on.

@hsy107 too bad then, as now you did have grounds to get a freebie from CS.

Oh well.

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I’m so sad…How can people play with somone’s emotions :worried: :cry:

Instead of being sad, try and see where you went wrong, by publishing your $5 gig on a questionable group which got you a malicious attack instead of a lead.

You said right Sir Thank you very much for supporting to me and the order was cancelled by fiverr customer support.
Can you please tell me if the decrease my order cancellation rate?

Have you tried checking your analytics page and seeing for yourself?


Analytics are are as it is and i think it will not change suddenly.

well then you do know the answer and do not need any hand holding.

your rate will take a hit, getting more orders will get it back up.

Any mods wanna close this one as it is solved?

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