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Help me please/Urgent

Hello everyone!
I need help as I am fairly new here. My client left me a review and she forgot to remove my photo from the delivery. So now her pdf is on my review page and she doesn’t want it to be online, as it’s book. It has been more than 1week.

Can somebody help me please!

Thank you

I believe Customer Service may be able to take down the image if it’s clear that both you and the buyer don’t want it up… have you tried submitting a ticket?

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Thank you for your response, I surely will try it.

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Quickest thing to do is turn off Live Portfolio for that gig. It can be done in your Gigs page and clicking the little upside down triangle right of the gig.



I’ve also had buyers caught out by this. It’s not your fault - although clients assume it is!

As sellers we can opt to have our live portfolio either on or off. For most gigs it makes sense to have it on as it showcases our work. However what we can’t do as sellers is decide what is shown in the live portfolio and what isn’t. It’s all or nothing.

When a buyer leaves a review they have an option to opt out of having their work included in a seller’s live portfolio. If they don’t opt out and your live portfolio is on, then their work will automatically appear in your portfolio. But of course some buyer’s then panic… and coming running to you asking for their work to be removed - but you can’t do this without getting customer support involved…