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Help me please what i should do now to get resolved this issue

Hi there these are the list of my gig the red arrows were green but now these arrows got red and i am losing my gig rankings and impressions views click as well.

please guide me that how can i resolve this issue.

waiting for your response

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Read the article and check out Fiverr Academy, the Fiverr blog, and so on…

Redd: Yeah, pretty much. So today, we are going to talk about understanding analytics and on Fiverr, there are so many different options for analytics, different metrics that are tracked and different things to look at.

One of the things that we wanted to do is talk about what all of that actually means. So what everything actually stands for and then also talk about how we personally use that and then later on we’re going to talk about some external ways that the three of us track our orders.


any other person wanna help me?


your provided link is too much longer and it is not useful for me

Imagine Fiverr as a stone-cold business man.
He’s showing your offer to all his clients, but… nobody takes it!
So what does the business man should do now to earn his commission? Keep showing your offer to clients or probably showing them offers where he exactly knows that his clients say YES?

It’s just logical, you got a lot of impressions & clicks but no orders. That’s why your metrics are going down and not up.

Solution: get orders! How? Make your offer more appealing.

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That’s very rude - please be nice to people when they go out of their way to help you.

The poster gave you some good information - if you don’t like it, you can choose not to take the advice.


@offlinehelpers please try to understand i am depressed and got panic after seeing that my gigs are loosing everything so that’s why i reacted like that but there is no mean to hurt anyone here i really apologise @blaisefaint please forgive me.

i am just looking for the solution to my problem.

Thank you again sorry


Those arrows change from green to red constantly. It’s best to pay no attention to them. You will be happier. They will turn green again in time.


but how the will turn in green in future?can you please explain it?

Your analytics go up and down all the time. Your impressions, and all of it, goes up and down constantly.