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Help me please :(

Hi my name is imteaz, i start being a freelancer in fiverr since 3 month ago and i didn’t get any order can someone give me some advice about all of my gigs…
please feel free to give me any advice of my gigs

natural and eco logo

spa,salon and cosmetic logo

studio photography and videography logo

company logo

hijab logo


Al your gigs are kind of the same and fiverr might see it as duplicating gigs.

I opened only one link with your spa salon logos and the examples that you put there are ALL with a super recognisable clip art images from the internet :woman_shrugging: Which might be subject for a copyright on top of that.
Buyer also not fools they can also see if it’s original work or just elements from the internet put together.


hi thank you for your adivices really i appreciate that can you help to to how to make a good gigs so i can get some orders? and im gonna delete all of my gigs thats duplicate from the internet

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This may be helpful to you:

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