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Help me please


Tell me what to do?

I sold 13 five-star orders, and only one negative because the buyer has canceled the order because I didn’t reply him because I was had a personal circumstance.

that , making my positive rating is 93%, and therefore I can not participate in the Department of the demands of customers.

What should I do now?



You can write customer service, but in the future, check Fiverr once a day, and if you have an iPhone, download the Fiverr app.

Thank you fastcopywriter for advice .

Writing to customer service probably won’t do anything at all…you might get an auto-response, but basically until you sell more gigs and have them rated with 5 stars, there is nothing you can do. The ranking system seems to have absolutely zero protection from sellers, from what I’ve experienced. Good luck!

THANK YOU writingace I did and they removed negative feedback

thanks alot

Reply to @shreif_said: So glad that it worked for you! They assisted me yesterday with a fraudulent buyer; I think they are really trying to improve the satisfaction of sellers on here. Best of luck!