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Help me please

I had posted a gig about 1 month ago but got no orders.Now how can i sell my gig.

Have you read the Tips for Sellers here in the forum? There are MANY threads dedicated to your question.

As you claim yourself an SEO expert, I’d expect much more than that.

Instead of offering spamming services to social bookmarking sites,
why not
"I will analyze your website and give off-page SEO advice"
“I will analyze the best targeted keywords for your website”
“I will optimize your natural and organic off-page SEO”
“I will carry out an organic and natural backlink campaign”

Experts don’t do spams.

I have the same problem. It seems to me that people just don’t want to use service of fiverr’s beginners. And I don’t understand how this problem can be solved. Any ideas?

oh please if you knew let me know cause i have the same problem here