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Help me please


i request a service from this person FRAGGLESROCK, price of 168$ but he couldn’t complet it, when i asked him several times to cancel the request he didn’t want, Sent the site but did not respond

best regards.

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First, you are not allowed to give names in the forums.

But for this kind of problem you need to contact Customer Support. SEnd then a copy of the gig and what you were supposed to receive and let them know you did not receive the completed gig and want to cancel.

If he didn’t complete the work, you’ll be able to cancel through Customer Support. If it’s complete and you just didn’t like it, you won’t be able to cancel, but you can leave negative feedback to warn others.

Reply to @sincere18: Thank you for your comment
i write to the site twice but did not respond, honestly support is very weak compared to the reputation of the site

Reply to @chellevanhoy: Thank you for your comment
I do not know why I can not write opinion about the service, tried I tried that I try it but can not

Reply to @ibrahimoulili: If you cancel an order you cannot leave a review.