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Help me please

I am new to her…i passed my 20 days on fiverr.I have clicks for my every gigs more then 100 click 200 views but no order. I spent my 20 days without any order complete .no one give me a order.I have lots of experience in Photoshop even 3years. I can do any photoshop work.please check out my gigs.please anyone tell me,why I have no order??

Your gigs are just like hundreds of others. I clicked on one of your work samples to see if it was original and it wasn’t even yours!! Some image of purple gears you have displayed is an image now being sold as stock so it’s on Etsy and all over and you didn’t make it. I tried another of a red haired girl and you stole that one from an image retouching service that charges a dot more than $5. No buyer will risk buying from someone with unoriginal gigs using stolen web artwork.

Think of a skill you really have. If it IS Photoshop, create a lot of strong
examples of what you can do, watermark them with your username, put them in your gigs and do everything else you tried again. If you have 3 years experience you can make a set of real samples original to your Fiverr account.

If you really aren’t a Photoshop expert, pick or learn another skill and start over. Faking it won’t work. Fiverr is hard. It’s a way to own a business. Playing around doesn’t cut it here, especially in graphic design.

Thanks for you tips thank you very much and I have good photoshop skills.I displayed on my gig images are my hand made and my own skills. I am not copy anyone.

Thanks a lot.that gig images are my hand made image. I edit and displayed that but no one give me a chance to prove my skills.

I did everything with my skills on my gigs.I am new I can not understand how to display on skills on fiverr please tell me how to I display my skills or my editing??for eye catching

Well, you can explain then. This is on your site with the before/after of a girl as your work:

But this company doesn’t claim to know you, sell their work for much more and this is their sample:

So, you don’t mind if that company files a legal takedown order?

Thanks. That is my fold. Oli follow your steps.I will put a water mark to my very images.

All right, then, Ditostech will be notified that you claim that image as your they, you and Fiverr can work it out. Watermarks are only useful if a product is yours and you can prove that you did it first.

As to the rest of your concerns, good luck.

Patience, Persistence and Perseverance are the true keys to success. I join Fiverr on June 2014. I just made it to level 2 today. It took me more than 2 years to climb to level 2.