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Help me pleasee 😭

heyy can someone teach how do i promote my gigs so people will buy my services??

here my gigs please give me some advices

Kind Regards,


@as_usa, that is not effective marketing. That is nothing more than spamming all of your social media accounts with your gig links. Most people are only connected to their friends on social media. Do your friends appreciate you spamming repeated links and hashtags into their feeds? Probably not. Marketing is targeted. Spamming is not. In fact, repeatedly spamming links and hashtags on all of your social media accounts is a good way to lose social media friends and followers.

Figure out where your target customers are located, build a customer-only database, and promote to them. Your target customers are likely to hire you; your social media friends likely will not.


i’m sorry can you explain more i don’t understand

Share On Social media Like Facebook , Linkdin, twittter etc