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Help me pleaseee !1

I’ve created my account and first gig 2 days ago.
Please tell give me the review critiques and your suggestions about my gigs and profile.

Feedbacks are highly expected and appreciated.

Ok, so why do you “expect” that I should do this for you?
What have you done for me or anyone I know? Did you solve world hunger? Paint white lines in the middle of roads?

I also seriously wonder at anyone promising:

I will write your elevator pitch and sales pitch


I’m a creative speech writer who has a vast experience and a remarkable career in this field.
I’m a flexible and friendly persuasive speech writer who prioritize customer above anything else.

yet can’t actually have any confidence in making their own sales???

Oh, and you put this in the wrong part of the forum indicating you don’t bother to read either your own material or anyone else’s.


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You need to use the little pencil emoji to change the category of your post to “My Fiverr Gigs.”

Thanks a lot and Appreciate your feedback :relaxed:

Thank a lot. I wasn’t aware of these things . :innocent:

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