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HELP me plz , AVG .response Time?


Yesterday was one hour
Today it became three days

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Customer Services? :sunny:

I did not understand the point ??

Ask customer services why your avg response time has increased?

Duplicate post :Help me ! Average Response Time is showing 3 days

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If you go through his profile, you will see that the average response time is 1 hour only. I don’t know why is he making such posts.

Where will I find customer services? plz

It’s really not difficult - there’s a link to ‘Customer Services’ at the bottom of every page on - here it is:

Your average response time is 1 hour, why don’t you recheck?



don’t worry this is okay I saw your profile and it’s 1 hour

Good catch, here’s a :hamburger:.

OP stick to one thread please.

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Your response time is 1 hour , Cheers!