Help me promote my gig please!


Hey guys, I am Bookreadwrite, and i am new to the Fiverr community. I don’t have any experience in marketing or promoting my gig. I would like the Fiverr community to give me advice and maybe even recommend my services to others.


We are still fairly new as well and coming to the forums is a good place to start. Search for ideas on marketing and promotion with the search bar at the top. You will find lots of answers to others that have asked the same question.

Also one tip that I’ve used because I seen it a lot from other sellers is to self-promote using social media.

Tell everyone about your gig, post reviews you’ve gotten on gigs you’ve done.

It takes work but it can pay off.

Good luck on Fiverr!


Thank you for your advice @mudpuddlefarms I will try to create a page on facebook.



Hi and welcome.

There are many excellent tips & suggestions by successful Sellers in these Forum topics.


Thank You for you’re help @atuldayal. Hey guys I have created a facebook page. Please like it and bring other buyers/sellers.


I don’t think you can post links on the forum. Only in certain categories. You can tell people that you have a FB page and invite them to message you for the link but I think that’s it.


Reply to @kjblynx: Good to know!