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Help me promote my gig


Hello everyone my gig got amazing response the first week i joined and then it took a whole deep dip. Now i have no sales for the past 2 weeks.Please recommend my gig to your friends who you think will need it. I deal in c programming, database,sql,system programming, mathematics and physics…kind of a academic geek :slight_smile:


It’s very likely that you’re not getting any orders because one of your gigs has a 50% rating - you really need to sort that out before you can think about getting other orders.


Some times it happens like that. From the expert here i have learnt to be focus and persistent. So be focus, be more lively and creative you can edit your keywords and title and you will do Great


Reply to @hirevashisht: my buyer ordered 4 gigs for a work but i couldn’t deliver in time so he cancelled that means four down ratings automatically .


Reply to @cheapgigs: i have a video intro and it started to turn things around but now no more responses. anyways thanks


Keep focusing and mail your buyer to help you change the bad rating ok


Reply to @cheapgigs: i tried to do that seems he just joined on fiverr and is not using it anymore…i just completed my 10th sale on the 21st day after joining fiverr…soon to be level 1:)


Just keep looking forward and if you had a delivery time issue you may want to extend your deadine for delivery time. The only way you can go now is up, good luck!