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Help me raise money please!


I am selling liquid air freshener oils in spray bottles as a fundraiser. My little baby girl of two months old has had to have open heart surgery right after she was born. Everything went well, but now we are dealing with the NICU and PICU bills and surgery and all upwards of $200,000. So i decided to try this to help make some of the payments. So please stop buy and check it out, and i will do everything to make these sales 100% dependable and accurate.


Thank you very much. have a hard time getting my go fund me outside of my facebook area



I think what you are doing is excellent. My Prayers go out to you and your family.


I’m having challenges with my GoFundMe account also. Is there anyone out there who can help me to get it started?


this is not a fundraising site. There are websites for donations like gofundme and things of that nature.


i am selling goods, and i am not asking for handouts, is this not a website that you can sell products out of?


Yes you can! Way to go ! I would also suggest to open a gofundme campaign, this will help you to raise the money quicker. I am sorry to hear about your baby and I hope she is doing well. Best of luck to you and your family!