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Help Me Review My Gig

I already got my first sale 3 days ago, since then i have had no more sales any idea what i am doing wrong? It has a video and quite a good description. Thankfully, my first client was also great.

Hi @ssj1236!

Out of the gate, I would recommend improving the format of your gig description. Yes, most readers simply scan the material, but the clutter is slightly discouraging.

Your video’s face image needs to be edited to better demonstrate what you can do for your clients.

Personally, I always like to take advantage of the single word CAPS allowance tolerated in gig titles.

Overall, I like your gig. It screams value to me but doesn’t really stand out from the crowd.

Good luck!

  • Team Consigs

Thanks a lot, this really helped. Fiverr doesn’t mind if i change my gig description too often does it?