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Help me save some money for college :,)

i know my gigs r kinda shitty but if u could help it would be appreciated <3

I hope you’re a patient person, migelao, because you might have to wait a while before you sell Gigs.

Dances and stick drawings aren’t in high demand around these parts.

I don’t want to depress you too much, though. There have been anecdotes shared of rich people coming through these parts and paying users to do all kinds of crazy stuff.

Still, if you really need money, you might have to brainstorm other things to sell.

tysm for the tips, i know my ideas r not that good but i dont have any talents its kinda hard but im trying :,)

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I understand, and I hope I didn’t dishearten you. Some fun Gigs can really take off. But then others fall flat.

As a new seller, you’re allowed seven Gigs. Your current Gigs might be slow sellers, so you might find it beneficial to use the full allowance. Don’t overstretch yourself for the sake of it, though!