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Help me stay levelheaded please

Okay. Wow. I have had bad experiences with buyers before, but I’d like some feedback on leaving feedback.
I don’t know how much information about orders I can Fiverr-legally put here, so I’ll be a little vague, but just over a day ago I was commissioned to write a short paper (one page) on a famous historical figure. I even added on 75% more words when they asked later in the night, to be nice. (And the word count was still covered by the cost, though if I would have known beforehand I would have stretched the delivery out by a day. I do not like risking late orders.)
So, I spend time writing and researching the person she wanted me to write about. I used the encyclopedia Britannica and two google searches to look stuff up. I kept things very accurate. I turn in the order.
Some time later in the day I get a request for a revision. Buyer says they were fine with page 2 (character description for 5 characters from a story the subject of the paper wrote), but goes on to say page 1 (biography portion) is not satisfying and should be written with facts only.
My problem: I did write with facts only?
I do a free revision for most orders. Sometimes there are mistakes, so yeah, I spend more time and I took out some fluff, try and fit more facts, tried to switch out a couple for new ones. By now, this is a really strong, fact-laden paper.
I turn it in.
They come back saying they are not satisfied and though they accepted the order I know I have got to have received my first less-than-five-star review. I have had some orders where the buyer is not as satisfied as they could have been, but this is the first time something like this has happened. I did everything they asked me to do, and I’m probably going to drop in ratings now.
Would you have opinions on how to rate something like this? (She rated me, I don’t know what exactly yet.) Should I not rate? Give them a low rating? I am hesitant to give a low rating, but that may just be that I haven’t given one of those to another buyer/seller before. I want some opinions so that I don’t give something she didn’t deserve (good or bad).


OK first of all I am sorry for what you are now experiencing as it can be quite painful.

Now my suggestion is to always keep it professional.

A seller’s review on a buyer is a reflection of how the seller conducts themselves, more than it is a tool for fellow sellers to be warned for bad buyers.

So please assume as you are writing your review that your next client in line will read it.

You can be honest and address what you feel the issue with your buyer was, while covering the fact that you delivered as advertised and on target. We can’t please everyone and people can definitely relate to that, and brush off the -possibly- negative review your buyer wrote.

Concise logical and composed vs irrational and emotional? The former always trumps the latter.


That’s why I’m definitely giving it a bit of time. I’m not thinking I’ll be giving her 5 stars, but I don’t want to give 0 and lay a rant on her page just because I was feeling angry y’know.


Think about this objectively:

  • Your buyer asked for 75% more content after placing their order.
  • Your buyer asked you for an unnecessary revision by saying you hadn’t used facts when you had.
  • Your buyer accepts their delivery, but then says they are still not happy.

If the above points are correct, your buyer has conducted themselves poorly in this transaction. A decent human being would not ask for more work than what has already been agreed upon. Nor would they mark an order as complete only to say they are not happy and imply they might want more revisions.

Normal buyers place orders, get what is agreed upon, ask for a revision if necessary, then review. Anything beyond this is usually an attempt at a personal power play on their part.

The first review you leave a buyer (the one that you leave before you can see what they said about you) does not go on your profile. Your future buyers will never see it. It will only appear on the profile of your current buyer.

Given the above, if you do feel upset about how this order worked out, feel free to say so. You can even leave a 3 or 4 star review and be political by saying that there were some quite stressful and unnecessary communication problems with this order.

The only reason not to do this would be if you want to work with this person again in the future.

After you have left this review, you will see what your buyer has said about you. If you want to reply to that feedback you can. However, this part of your feedback will appear on your gig page. In this case, do what @frank_d says and remember that what you say can reflect on you.


Hopefully they don’t leave a review so that would solve the problem of what review to give them.


Very good points - I see now how I definitely gave WAY too good a deal to somebody who does not appreciate it… In my experience, most people do, so this time it stinks.


It did send me the “rate your experience with this seller” notification so they’ve definitely left something. Just toying with what is best to write. May go with the “unnecessary communication problems” as my rating, it sums it up concisely.

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Never give good deals like that. They rarely appreciate it. Or you. They appreciate bad deals more. It seems to trigger an abusive nature if they get a good deal for some people.


Yeah, she had not given the “abusive” feel until she begrudgingly accepted. She seemed like one of my regular buyers, which I don’t mind doing revisions for. When we made the order, she was SUPER nice and understanding, when she asked if I could add the new part I accepted because she was also willing to pay more for it (the original portion had been about 700 words below my next bump-up so bumping from 400 to 700 words seemed like no big deal, for $10.) Wish I had taken her up on that, for my troubles, just didn’t want to open another gig or something. She sounded slightly condescending when she requested the revision, but I only equated it to a language barrier. It was not until the acceptance that I felt a little angry. Tried asking what more I could have done, referencing the extra page, the revision, and the website I had pulled almost everything from. No answer, but I guess I don’t mind that she did not answer.

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You did nothing wrong. Sometimes shit just happens. Also: I had a big request and among the veryveryvery many sellers that applied, i almost gave it to you, because you seem like a very good seller. I don’t think one bad review will be able to stop you.


It’s sad but you just can’t be nice to people. It backfires. I mean when I know I’m dealing with a wonderful person as is the case most of the time then I can be my usual nice self. Until then I’m careful.

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Thank you :heart: I’m trying not to take it personally, I can normally take criticism, she just made it sound so personal so ew, haha

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You did something she herself couldn’t do. So she had to put down what you did to make sure you understood that she is superior. It fed her ego.

You sensed that something was off in her, in your gut.


I think my review will be two stars (would have gone with 3 but fiverr describes that as “Satisfied” so no) and I think “Something went wrong with communication, even though I did what they asked the buyer was not satisfied.” Sound good?

While it’s fairly honest it doesn’t quite capture the essence of the problem.

Trying to please this client was a frustrating and ultimately impossible task…Unpleasant experience. 3 stars.

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Don’t know what to say that wouldn’t make it sound like a personal problem, though. Not sure how to communicate the “essence”…

In spite of trying to do everything I possibly could to please this client, in the end nothing I could do was good enough. Frustrating and unpleasant experience.


Could probably be good to mention that she kept questioning the validity of my work, even though it’s all true facts. That might be something important…

That does get the essence lol

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It looks like that buyer gave you 5 stars?