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Help me to check my gigs for SEO and WordPress


i want to get more orders on fiverrs, can anyone check my gigs and profile? Am i doing alright? And any suggestion will be more helpful. this is my gig link, i have other gigs too


The most important factor nowadays is " Keyword Stuffing ". Stuffing Plays an Important role in On page SEO.

This statement alone shows that you know very little about SEO.
The best advice I can give you is to take some courses and try again when you have the skills to provide this service.


I will update this. I am just start this forum for suggestions. Sure I will update this


Removing this line won’t improve your skillset.

You’re calling yourself an expert and just a minute ago you thought keyword stuffing is the best strategy.
If you really want to help your clients then you should consider your options to upskill and then try again.

You can leave your gigs up if you want, but the key here is to educate yourself so that you can provide high quality service.


Thankyou for suggestion.


Add a mind blowing description to your gig. Describe your service well . Explain your service like a Boss. Whenever a Buyer rolling on Fiverr checks your gig He/She reads the description first. Simply if you can fulfill their requirements in the description you’ll get order.


Thankyou for the suggestions