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Help me to come up again


I was a level 2 Seller in fiverr from Sri Lanka. and i have more than 2000 successfully completed orders and ratings to my gig. I had an accident a few months ago. therefore i wasn’t had any chance to access my computer since then. when i come back to my home, i’ve seen lot of orders has been cancelled due to late response. actually i had no chance to put my account on vacation mode or response to buyers. i’m so thankful to fiverr because most of my medical fee was covered by my income from fiverr. i’d like to start my service on fiverr again. But i have no idea how to start my service again on fiverr because my Gig isn’t showing up in search results, even in 2nd,3rd pages. Actually i was working in fiverr since 3 years and the only income i had. after the accident, fiverr is the only way i have to work on. I really appreciate any help you guys can provide. I love fiverr and i wish to work in fiverr for a long time.

My gig:

Thank you very much.

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Sorry about your accident, glad you are back to do what you love to do. You are still on track, you can edit your gigs again, start promoting on various social media platforms and start sending buyer request again. Welcome back


Welcome back and I hope you are fully healed. Sorry that happened to your online business and now it’s like you are starting over. If you were successful before, you will be successful again. Edit you gigs. You can check out a topic I wrote on creating gigs that have SEO. Promote your gigs as well on social media. Tell your friends and family and see if they need your service and they can buy from you. Don’t give up. You will be back on top again. All the best!


Good to have you back, you have proper skills and you know how to market your gigs, you’ll get proper environment here, keep marketing , you’ll get jobs according to your skills.

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