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Help me to ge first order

hi guys
check me gig like it and help me to get first order


Hi welcome to the Fiverr.
Some suggestions for you to improve your experience on Fiverr:

  1. Don’t copy a single description and paste it into every other gig.
  2. Don’t focus on word ‘I’ and achievements you have done; instead write a description related to your specific gig.
  3. Research about gigs description and creatively write a description.
  4. Use attractive images for gigs rather than a piece of Paper.
  5. Look at other related gigs and get idea but don’t copy.

Thanks Sir :slight_smile: It will really help me

Some more tips that can help you:

Those tips are also helpful for old sellers! You may want to take some time to read them.

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People liking your gig does not guarantee orders. When someone “likes” your gig, all they are doing it bookmarking it so that they can find it again later.

You are responsible for doing what it necessary to earn your orders. We cannot get you orders. You do that by having well-written, eye-catching gigs, marketing and promoting them to the people who need your services, and then convincing those potential customers to hire you.


Find the best keywords by seeing what other top sellers use! keywords make a huge difference

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Hello, @tazienkanwal

To get your first Order this topic will help you so much.
Here is the… Link

Check it out!


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Thanks you it will definitely help me :slight_smile:

i will be careful about keyword :slight_smile: thank you so much