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Help Me To Get First Buyer!

First of all, take a deep breath like a yogi because you need to be focused while reading this topic. It’s so long.
My name is Aziz, and we are a small team of game developers we work together online.
I’m the account holder and I’m in danger, oh! really? How??
Okay, I’ll explain. I have been in a problem with my parents (you know… The case of “get a job!”) and the time is close to the military to come to get me(you know… They call it national service I guess) which they’ll take me to train for nothing and waste my time…
Now, my father forced me to work on his store and he has no knowledge about game development and tech, I explained to him many times (same with my mother) but he still says " the internet is waste of time, you should be like the rest of people" Now I am always awake all nights, I sleep only 3 hours a day! Yeah, that’s right I am suffering like a slave. ( I am not trying to make a complaint)
So imagine I am like that, while my team with our dreams in these situations suffering and left dreams… Hopes plans and everything behind, also my team sure will be left me and go somewhere else… And then everything will break.
The only way to survive is just one thing, which is to at least $50 online from Fiverr and then my parents will start be nice with me and believe of what I say and i’ll be free to continue my current project that we left…and I’m sure we will success.
So you heard all of that, and I don’t know if someone laughing, get angry, doesn’t care, cry, or trying to help. But at least give me some tips to get first buyer, you know… Everything on my gig is fine including descriptions, titles, gig picture, gig video… I was sharing my gig on Discord servers and Twitter, some people told me “I’m interested but I don’t have money” some of them cursed at me, some of them said that he will order it but he didn’t, some of them blocked me, some of them almost buy it and messaged me on Fiverr, but he considered me as scammer and gone.
So how you can help? Give me some tips to get just one buyer, or come and order my gig. Because the game that I’m gonna make it to you, you can sell it and earn from it or you can participate with it on game context and earn rewards.
You’ll be managed to save a man who truly deserves. With his great ideas.
Please don’t delete this topic Mr Fiverr automated bot, or human admin or… Whatever.
I apologise to you because I talked a lot.
Thanks for reading, and your consideration.
We saying: “Last thing we can say, imagine that you are in our place, what will you do?”
Our Fiverr gig:
“Please don’t laugh”

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There are literally hundreds if not thousands of posts/articles on the forum and the seller help center offering tips for new sellers. If you were to spend some time looking around, you will definitely come across them.

Good luck!

P.S: I also noticed you spamming your gig links on the forum. Let me give you a tip: read the forum’s Do’s and Don’ts and stop acting desperate. It is neither professional nor is it going to get you clients.


Well, don’t want to disappoint you but most of us started like that. I was studying what my parents wanted, working and at the same time trying to develop my drawing skills so I could do what I always wanted not what I have to.

Be patient, orders will come if you have the right skill and portfolio, if you don’t have portfolio to show then create “a dummy” to practice and showcase what you can do.

Life is not easy, it’s not an easy thing to be a freelancer, work at your fathers store until you start getting orders or don’t wait and don’t rely only on fiver, be proactive and explore other opportunities


Hi. I’m in a similar situation with my parents and that. The only tip that I can give you regardings my experience is that you should start with small $5 gigs so people can start buying easily from you, and send lots of buyer requests

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