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Help me to get first order and get impression

Hello, This is Akash. I’m a new member of Fiverr. I have already published 3 gigs but didn’t get any order. How do I improve my gigs and get my first order?


Well, first offer something of value.

Right here you asked for something (support in getting orders) with no sense of their being anything in return. It reads more like an expectation or a command than a request for exchange of value.

If your Gigs read this way, why would anyone pick you seeing the feel of the Gig would be that you will get paid, but I will get pfft. People are not objects to support your Play/Like count. People need reasons that resonate in their souls. Just as there is some reason that I am responding to this, even tho I know 99.9% that you will ignore or dismiss this comment-assistance because it doesn’t seem to suit your expectation.

I know that this is hard. Freelancing is oversaturated and everyone thinks they are owed da pimped life fo nuttin.

What is is that you can really offer someone suited to your thang that 11ty billion other fools aren’t already offering for $5 with endless revisions (and therefore no hope of delivering anything worth spit)?